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Learn about your Tibetan horoscope! Get ready for the program by using the interactive White Beryl online. As assistant to the late Dr. Dakpa has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and North America for seminars, conferences, and medical consultations. He is the senior Tibetan medical doctor in New York City. Community This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication. Recommend Unrecommend Add to Blog. Edit Tags.

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Share this article. A daily series, Connect! Groups regularly socialize but also get out the vote, support candidates and engage in other local political actions that help our progressive movement grow and exert influence on the powers-that-be. Visit us every morning at A. Pacific Time to see how you can get involved. The comment thread is fun and light-hearted, but we're serious about moving the progressive political agenda forward.


Bronx Astrology Meetup - Martian Madness

The orange pinpoints are the location of each organized group of Kossacks. If you'd like to join a group, click on a point and a box will pop up showing contact links. If you'd like to start a group, contact navajo for instructions. Have you been to a fortune teller of any type? Have you ever been to any type of fortune teller? Let's Build Communities!

Connect! Unite! Act! Detroit, Nashville & San Jose Meet-up Info! — Ever Been to a Fortune Teller?

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Astrology groups in New York

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Anthony Picco: Validating Astrology & Making A Whole New Art Out Of The Stars

View The Leadership Team. We are co-creators of our destiny.

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